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Mario Or Kenny And Friends

About Me

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Well Sence You Really Wont To Know Read This Page!
                             ~~~ Its All About Me ~~~

My First Name Is : Kenneth
My Middle Name Is : AAron
My Last Name Is : Uknown to Public, Sry
My Age Is : 22
My Birthday Is : May-29th-1983

What You Need To Know !
        I Am A Guy From Kentucky, I Love My Friends,
  I dont Get out much, But i stay online Alot. I Meet New
Friends All Time,.
  I Grew Up Here in Kentucky All My Life,
 I been here like i said all my life,. lol..
I Am A Mountain Man,
I Live In a Holler,
I Live In A City .
I worked at D/Q Which is Dairy Queen,Krystals, And Mc.donalds
I dont Drive but I have permit.
I am a Guy Who Can beloved at all times,
I hurt like every one else does.
I Look For the one of Life,To Be With.
My Best Friends are :  ,Travis,Erik,Cece,Destiny,Pam,Karen, And Others:
Special People I DO Have But They know who they are so i dont have to place that here.,
What I love About My Friends, they make me smile while i am blue and help me to be more confidentional.,about things.
My Nick Names Are : Kenny Or Mario.
Given By Special Friend.
I Am Singel Hopeing For Right To Come Along.
Who i know is True in HEart.,
All Kinds but onley one Means it.
I Am a Heavy Set Guy,
I Got Green Eyes,
I Am 5'9 in Height,
I Got Brown Hair,
And Fun To be With.,
Hobbies Are :  Camping, Swimming, Fishing,Loveing,Chatting online, and on phone, Hanging out With Specail People. Going to lake love to walk on beach with some one,..,
     playing computer games ,. i am a computer freek lol.,,.
I Play These Instruments,
 Guitar, And Paino, And Key Board.
 I love to sing, I love To Play Music,
I write Songs and i love to write poetry,
I Love To Be Loved,
And Love To Smile,. By Those who Care's .,
i Know Some One Does I talk to them When They online.
This is about me,
                   From <Mario>
P.s Did I Tell You I Need My Friends.

Hey Love You Guys .