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Mario Or Kenny And Friends

A Poem For A Special Person 2

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This is for a specail person in life , that came alone in my life on Nov-15th-2005.

                            A Love Who Is Mine
      Some one who knows me,
      Some one who loves me,
      Some one who is happy with me,
      Baby i need you, with me,
      Star of my nite, and u are my lite,
      A love who is mine,
      You are a great Kind,
      Trust in me, I will love you all time.
      Love is great,
      Love makes you laugh,
      Love makes you cry,
      Love me baby i wont you to be my better half.
      I am blue with out you,
      I smile when i am with you,
      I care for you so much i wont to be with you,
      If i am a cloudy ski,
      You make me have sunshine,
      With out you, i am nothing,
      With you i am sumthing,
      You are mine,
       I wont to love you all time.
      Keep me in your heart,
      your a love who is mine,
      I'll be with you all time,
      Keep on been that love who is mine.
  Written by kenneth,..,
  for some one special,.,..,.,.,,.,.

Hey Love You Guys .