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Mario Or Kenny And Friends

Poems For A Special Person Page #er 3

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This is for a specail person in life , that came alone in my life on Nov-15th-2005.

This is how i feel sometimes when this special friend of mine are not online, when i got hopes seeing them.
                                        This Broken Heart of Mine
                    I Set Online In Hopes You Will Soon Come on Line,
                I Watch The Email, I Watch The Messenger's In Hope's
                                                 You Will Come Online,
                   With Every Door Slam's And Every Door Open's
                 I Know I Am Closer To Seeing You,
                     Time After Time , Tear After Tear, Pain After Pain
                 Laugh After Laugh, And Cry After Cry,Smile After Smile
                 ,Frown After Frown, This Broken Heart Of Mine.
                     Knowing Love Is Real And Knowing Time Will Heal,
                  , Heart Aches We Bare, Nothing Can Take Away This
                  Pain I Feel, In This Sad Hour.
                      This Broken Heart Of Mine, Is Wishing You Where
                  Here, Missing You Alot Wishing I Could Be There,
                  Needing You To Be Near ,
                      Hand In Hand Is How I Need You,
                   Wishing I Could Just Reach Out And Touch You!
                     Baby Needing You In Every Way,
                   I Love You And I Need You, Please Baby Come
                              My Way!
                     This Broken Heart Of Mine,
                    Onley YOu Can Fix It This Time.
Written By Kenneth For Some One Really Specail In My Life.

Needing u Every Day!

Hey Love You Guys .