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Poems For A Special Person Page #er 4

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This is for a specail person in life in my life written on Dec-31st-2005.

                      ~~~ Trust In You ~~~
When all begans to fail, and no heart to sail,
when life is nothing, and i just been hurt, so many
times i cant tell,
Can i trust you with my heart,
can i trust in your love,
or is nothing there too,
i guess i trust in you.
When things look like a storm,
help me hold to your heart,
i need you, i love you,
i know i can trust you.
when the snow out side falling, and your on my mind i am
keep calling,
is there a way to know,
or should i just let go,
When it hurts, is this love,
when i cry is this what i feel.
when life is like a big wheel,
keeps turning thrue and thrue,
I trust you.,
When i am down will your bring me up,
when i am nothing will you make me something to you,
when i feel like i cant trust you,
i know some where in my heart i cant trust you.
Is love so mixed up,
or is this a trick,
all i asked for was not to be hurt,
but some how even i am i still trust you.,
i think i know more soon,
but right now i dont, its been alot ,
i know soon i cant make it thrue,
shure hope i cant last tonight,
do i still trust you,
i guess that answer will be yes i trust in you.,
Is this love, or not,
how can you or me be shure,
i will know tommarrow even while i am hurt,
i will still trust in you,
this poem dont have much ryming but this is my heart what i wonder some times, so i guess i will never know,
written for some one who i hope still cares,
love them, from kenneth,..,

When u love some one
and if it not returns then u know ,
love awaites some where no matter how or what you go thrue,

Hey Love You Guys .