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Mario Or Kenny And Friends

A Poem For A Special Person

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This is for a specail person in life , that came alone in my life on Nov-15th-2005.

                       Smile Of My Heart
 Your the light of my life,
 Your the fire in my heart.
 Your a angel in my strife.
 your a smile in my heart.
 Your my love in the days and nites,
 Placed sun shine in my life.
 Your a beautiful site.
 I wont to hold you tight.
 You know how to make me laugh,
 You know how to make me cry,
 Your my love and a better half,
 With out you i would die.
 You placed a smile in my heart,
 Your a true sweet heart,
 Your true and faithfull,
 your kool and greatfull,
 your my world and my life,
 your the true star of my nite.
 you place happiness in my heart,
 your my life, and my world.
 you place my smile in my heart.
 When we cuddle, I was safe in your arm's,
 as we layed in darm.
 your every thing i hoped for and more,
 with you my heart will never be sore,
 To much with you i have and more,
 Dont wont to loose you,
 I wont to be with you,
 You i live for
 Your a true and pure sweet heart,
 You i would Die For
 You was the one place my smile in my heart.
 Written by kenneth for some one special.

Hey Love You Guys .